With the recent announcement from the Minister for Municipal Administration, K N Nehru in the General Assembly as Tambaram as a municipality, real estate prices have witnessed a steep climb. Considering the rapid pace of urbanization, Tambaram, town panchayats, village panchayats, and municipality panchayats have been merged to form a city corporation. 

Now that an official announcement has been made, the civic infrastructure will be improved to fulfil the aspirations of the people. With better administrative structure and human resources, the neighborhood will be properly maintained with street lights, water supply, sewerage, solid waste management and roads. With the consolidation of these local bodies, we can witness substantial development of the neighborhood around it. 

As they strike while the iron is hot, now would be the perfect time to start looking for TVH plots in Mannivakkam. Besides delivering every service to the general public, the Tambaram already has good connectivity to all major spots of the city. Real estate investors will be kickstarting several big projects to meet the requirements of its residents. 

So if you have decided to own your dream house, now would be a perfect time. As the city has a lot to offer, and the real estate has just started a new boom, real estate organizations will turn their attention towards CMDA approved plots in Mannivakkam. 

If you are still wondering about taking the lead, here are a few things that you will get in this neighborhood. 

Get superior connectivity to important places:

Tambaram provides convenient access to some of the important landmarks of the city which includes OMR road and GST road. If you are a person who absolutely hates the bustling traffic of the city, you wouldn’t miss this place. TVH plots in Mannivakkam are located close to hospitals, educational institutions, and other essentials. You save your time in traffic and a shorter distance everyday. 

Ample amount of investment options:

One can easily find a huge number of real estate developers in Tambaram. With its amenities and peaceful locality, it is one of the top sites for real estate developers in the city. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for flats and villas, you will get a plethora of options. Right from affordable properties to premium housing, you name it, you will get everything here. Investing in TVH plots in Mannivakkam will owe you a great investment value in the future as the neighborhood is expected to get several other development projects from the state government. 

Close-by attractions:

Right from the largest zoo in India, Kishkinta theme park, you get to see plenty of attractions around Tambaram. Vadaloor zoo being minutes away from Tambaram junction can be the perfect hangout during the weekend with friends and family. Moreover, there are several places around Tambaram that have historical significance. TVH plots in Mannivakkam are located in the sweet spot to start your weekend drive away. 

Unmatched returns on investment:

Tambaram has already earned the status of being the most sought after neighborhood in Chennai. As the average rent keeps climbing up gradually, the recent announcement from the state government is expected to give it a major slingshot. Currently, several projects are being constructed and the price bracket is expected to increase. The new administrative body will be instrumental in bringing an efficient infrastructure model and other amenities to the neighborhood. 

Essential services:

Everyone will prefer to reside in a neighborhood with all the essential services. And in Tambaram, you couldn’t ask for more. It has already grown to be one of the primary hubs of the city. Right from educational institutions like  Shankara Vidhyalaya, Zion Matriculation, Christ King, Sundaravalli Group, Madras Christian College, Bharat University, Crescent University, SRM University, etc., you will be spoiled with options. 

As much as attractions and educational institutions, Tambaram equally has a strong healthcare system. You can find plenty of hospitals in and around Tambaram that are specialized in various treatments. To match the needs of every resident, TVH plots in Mannivakkam incorporate the best amenities in the market. 

What are the future prospects in the neighborhood?

With the new announcement to form a city corporation to the recently proposed six-lane highway, Tambaram is heating up the real estate market. We will be witnessing a significant upbeat in the market prices within a few months. The real estate price has always been on an upscale trend for this neighborhood and now things are getting heated. 

The government has also proposed two-way tracks between Chengalpattu and Tindivanam which will ease up things further for the residents of Tambaram. Apart from the world class amenities and lush greenery, Tambaram has the distinction of all-round development in all sectors. The upbeat optimism will set fire to the current market price. 


Tambaram is no longer the city’s limit which it was once, as of today it has the status of a major hotspot in the city and is cited as one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Chennai. Tambaram is a locality that can be equally attributed to lush greenery and as well the amenities that come packed with it. Now would be the ideal time to purchase TVH plots in Mannivakkam without burning a hole in your pocket.