Adyar is a well known locality in Chennai and is one of the most preferred locations for residence. It is one of the busiest neighbourhoods in Chennai and is growing rapidly to meet the demands of the growing population. Since it is located close to OMR road which is the hub to most of the major IT companies, many people are finding their way to this prominent place. 

Despite being one of the costliest neighbourhoods in Chennai, people are still keen on purchasing apartments in Adyar as they have significant value. You can choose between affordable housing options or super luxurious apartments effectively. But what makes them invest their life savings and years of planning? Let us take a look at the advantages it offers. 

It provides unparalleled infrastructure:

Over the last few years, Chennai has witnessed significant development in the IT sector which in turn had a positive influence on the infrastructure. The OMR road provides better connectivity to the IT corridor of Chennai which has attracted several startups to set up their offices in Adyar. Apart from job opportunities, common civic facilities, drainage, street-lighting, etc., is a plus point in Adyar. Thus, these transformations have pushed the demand for apartments in Adyar. Plus, the growth factors in Adyar are incomparable. 

Lush greenery in Adyar:

It is a well known fact that Chennai does not have pleasant weather and the temperatures can reach very high due as it is located along the coastline. However, Adyar is an exception in that case as it has one of the highest green covers in the city. Surprisingly, the greenery that envelopes Adyar is over 30 percent which makes things easier for its residents. The residents of luxury flats in Adyar get to see a good view of lush greenery all over the neighbourhood. The temperature in Adyar will be comparatively lesser compared to other parts of the city which attracts more people to the neighbourhood. 

Adyar is an epicenter of food:

Since Adyar is filled with people from different ethnicities and cultures, foodies will have a great time here. The presence of numerous fast food chains in Adyar will be the perfect way to satisfy their taste buds. One can easily find Thalapakattu, Vegetarian Thalis, Chinese, North Indian food, and more. Adyar also has some of the best restaurant chains in the city which also includes themed restaurants. 

No need to compromise on your safety in Adyar:

Security becomes a matter of concern for everyone, especially for people living in metropolitan cities. Along with technological advancements, Adyar is gearing up for some major security upgrades. Apartments in Adyar will have CCTV cameras pre-installed and so it will be an extremely safe neighbourhood. Muggin attacks and heinous crimes have become a common sight on news channels and so it is essential to look into the security of the location we live in. 

Adyar has an excellent healthcare system:

Adyar houses some of the best healthcare providers in the country. With several multi speciality hospitals in Adyar, one can get the best in class medical treatment. One of the prominent and oldest hospitals in India, Adyar Cancer Institute which is well known for cancer treatment can be easily reached by road. 

Adyar is a place of temples:

Since Adyar is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Chennai,  it is a perfect mixture of old and modern culture. It has some of the most popular temples in the city. As several clusters of temples are scattered all around the neighbourhood, people can easily reach out to them. The shikaras and gopurams are some of the highlights in the oldest temples of Adyar. People living in apartments in Adyar will get to witness colourful and eye-catching celebrations from their balconies during festival seasons. 

Adyar has several reputed educational institutions:

The residents of Adyar will be ensured with good schooling for their children as it has some of the reputed educational institutions in the city. If you are looking for some of the top notch options, here are some:

  • St Michael’s Academy Kendriya Vidyalaya
  • St Johns English School & Junior College
  • Bharath Senior Secondary School
  • The Chennai School (International Baccalaureate)

Ease of access to weekend getaways:

Another advantage of buying 3 BHK apartments in Adyar is that you will benefit from the top of the line amenities and can travel to some of the exciting weekend destinations easily. Right from Pondicherry or Mahabalipuram, Adyar is located in the sweet spot to reach via the ECR road. Apart from the popular ones, Adyar also has several under-rated but equally charming spots located close to it. Adyar is also located near Besant Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur and Marina Beach. So people will not have to travel a long distance to spend a day at the beach. 


From taking long walks along the lush greenery to spending late nights with your folks at your favourite spot, Adyar caters to the expectations of everyone. Adyar is currently witnessing some of the best residential construction projects in the city as several reputed companies have stepped into the market. With big players in the game, they are taking the amenities and designs incorporated into the houses in Adyar to the next level.