Owning a home is everyone’s dream, the current generation is not an exception. There has been a significant increase in the number of apartments in recent times. This massive shift is because of the change in the lifestyle of millennials. The real estate market has witnessed an immense boom similar to the stock market with the millennial generation stepping in. 

Chennai has been through a major transformation in the last decade. From a never-seen-before the increase in the number of international brands stepping into malls and other franchises being opened all over the city, Chennai has become the key location of choice for almost everyone in Tamil Nadu. 

Right from public infrastructure facilities to multiple modes of non-stop connectivity to major locations in the city and amenities, Chennai has improved a lot in the last few years. And with that, many people have resorted to “Apartment Lifestyle”. 

The places which were once considered as outskirts and a sleepy downtown of Chennai have become a fast-growing, buzzing suburb. With the development in the IT sector, automobile industry, and other crucial sectors, the city has significantly widened its boundaries. Buying a low budget plot in Mannivakkam has become common in recent times as it is one of the most preferred spots in Chennai. 

Mannivakkam is one of the smart hubs in Chennai as it is located in close proximity to schools, colleges, hospitals, transport channels, tech parks, etc. Industries and advancements are developing day by day and it is the ideal place for the current generation to get settled. 

People living in metropolitan cities will live under the idea of restricting themselves to things related to nature. With the perfect combination of safety and privacy, people are looking for opportunities to live away from the hassles of the city. 

As the population of Chennai keeps growing, the economic and education sectors of the city keep supporting the residents. There is strong competition in the market for buying plots in Mannivakkam as the neighborhood suits precisely the buyer’s preferences. Read more to learn more about why most people prefer Mannivakkam as the ideal location to build their dream house. 


Just like other suburbs around Chennai, Mannivakkam equally provides superior connectivity to the important places inside the city. Since it is located along West Tambaram, the state highway runs through it which provides easy connectivity from GST Road to Oragadam from Vandalur Junction. Mannivakkam also provides good connectivity to the surrounding suburbs which makes it easy to reach Chennai Outer Ring Road, state and national highways. Several other projects were also announced by the Government of Tamil Nadu which pushed the value of mannivakkam land for sale.


Commuting is one of the biggest headaches for every working professional as they will not prefer hectic travel to the office. It can take a heavy toll on their daily life, work-life balance, and health. Most people have started to move in closer to their office so that they can avoid the hassles of traffic. Owning plots in Mannivakkam will drastically reduce the travel time and the commute will be a breeze.

Educational Institutions:

Mannivakkam is filled with reputed educational institutions and other institutions for extracurricular activities. Building your dream house close to schools will make things easier for kids. As education should not be compromised on any basis, prioritizing your child’s commute should be first on your to-do list if you have a family. Here are some of the reputed schools situated close to educational institutions. 

  • Sri Ramakrishna Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  • Shree Niketan Patasala
  • Narayana e-Techno School
  • PERI School
  • Alwin International School


Health is a major concern for everyone and they will prefer to own a house close to healthcare providers. Being stranded in an isolated location during health emergencies is a common fear. But the residents of Mannivakkam will not have to worry about it as there are several prominent hospitals scattered around. Here are some:

  • Deepam Hospitals 
  • Hindu Mission Hospital 
  • Mano Hospital 
  • Annai Arul hospital 
  • Sayee Hospital
  • AG Hospital 

Social Infrastructure:

Mannivakkam provides loads of options for its residents when it comes to entertainment. You can try different cuisines with your family as you can easily reach the state highway. Enjoy your favorite movie on big screens or take a stroll during the evenings in the park. Here are some of the green spaces that every nature lover will fall in love with:

  • Thiruvalluvar Park
  • Bharathiyar Park
  • Annai Theresa Nagar Park
  • Ashtalakshmi Nagar Park

Getting plots in Mannivakkam is the ideal choice for everyone as it checks everything on the essentials list. Here are some of the popular eateries in Mannivakkam:

  • Café Coffee Day
  • Ayyanar Restaurant
  • Disco Chettinad Restaurant
  • Alsafa Restaurant
  • Chettinad Hot Kitchen

Buying a dream house is the biggest investment that everyone will make and with the rapid development across various spheres, now would be the perfect time to take hold of the opportunity. With the unbridled growth of the city, Chennai is slowly growing to be the best city with a plethora of advantages to getting settled. 


As Chennai trumps with other cities in India in various sectors, the plethora of amenities people get in suburban areas of the city makes it an ideal place to live. Getting plots in mannivakkam will perfectly fit with the preferences of modern homebuyers as it comes bundled with a plethora of amenities.