Adyar is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Chennai, and it is a well-known fact. It gets its name from the Adyar River that flows through it. Adyar has a rich historical background and has deep cultural roots as it houses some of the oldest buildings in the city. 

As Adyar is located in a city’s hotspot, it has always been one of the places that everyone seeks when it comes to buying their dream house. However, in reality, Adyar is a fine mix of old and new; when buying luxury apartments in Adyar, buyers will have many options. 

Adyar is home to IIT Madras, the leading engineering institution in India that has been at the top of the rankings consecutively for seven years. Guindy National Park is also situated close to it. The neighborhood is filled with the best eateries, shopping malls, and more. One can try different types of dishes just by walking down the street as people have ample amounts of varieties from several well-established restaurants. 

Adyar is one of the few cities in India that closely rubs with the traditional appeal without compromising on modern amenities. For those of you thinking of buying 3 BHK apartments in Adyar, here are some of the reasons why you will enjoy living here.

Connectivity to major spots in Chennai:

Adyar is one of the best places in Chennai that provides easy connectivity to the major spots. As the neighborhood is well developed, its residents are spoiled with options for food, commercial establishments, shopping, and offices. Moreover, as OMR road is situated close to Adyar, one can easily reach ECR road or beaches nearby. 

Greenery in Adyar:

Although Chennai does not have pleasant weather, Adyar is an exception from the city. It has the highest green cover in the town with a surprising number of over 30 percent. This greenery makes lives easier for its residents, and residents of flats in Adyar will also have a good view of it. The temperature will also be lower compared to other parts of the city, making it very comfortable for people to reside. 

Food in Adyar:

Adyar is a famous epicenter of cultures as people from various ethnicities live here. And to satisfy their taste buds, the delicacies available for them are numerous. People can easily explore North Indian food, Chinese, Thalapakattu, Vegetarian Thalis, and more. Apart from these, Adyar also houses some of the most popular restaurant chains in the country. 

Temples in Adyar:

As we discussed, Adyar is a fine mix of old and new. Adyar houses several significant temples, and one can find several clusters of temples in a single place. People living in luxury apartments in Adyar will witness the vast gopurams from their balconies. Tall shikharas and excellent antiques are some of the eye-catching things about Adyar. The whole neighborhood will be in a colorful mood during celebrations, especially during festival days.

How safe is Adyar?

When it comes to metropolitan cities, security always becomes a matter of question. With a series of mugging attacks and heinous crimes a common sight on news channels, metropolitan cities are gearing up with major security upgrades. As Adyar is filled with people from different cultures, religions, castes, and races,  it is an extremely safe neighborhood. It will be a secure place for people who relocate with their families. Getting luxury apartments in Adyar is an easy task and people will get to enjoy peace of mind with their families. 

How well is the infrastructure in Adyar?

Adyar is one of the most expensive places in Chennai and one of the major reasons is the quality of infrastructure in the neighborhood. It has one of the best road connectivity in Chennai and is located within the city limits. Potable water, an excellent transportation system, and other amenities make Adyar one of the best places to live. 

How congested is Adyar?

Although Adyar is one of the most important locations in the city, it still manages to be uncrowded. One cannot find huge apartment communities filled with thousands of people here. Families can buy luxury apartments in Adyar and can enjoy the less congested neighborhood. Since Chennai has multiple means of public transportation, residents of Adyar can make use of them effectively. 

Healthcare system in Adyar:

Adyar is home to some of the best healthcare providers in the country. People can find multiple specialty hospitals in Adyar and will get the best-in-class treatment. Adyar Cancer Institute is one of the prominent and oldest healthcare centers in India, well-known for cancer treatment. 

Schools in Adyar:

Residents of Adyar will not have any issues with schooling for their kids as there are several good educational institutes here. The following are some of the best schools in Adyar:

  • Bharath Senior Secondary School
  • St Michael’s Academy Kendriya Vidyalaya
  • St Johns English School & Junior College
  • The Chennai School (International Baccalaureate)


Adyar basically checks out every box that everyone has on their checklist. Adyar is undoubtedly one of the best locations to live in Chennai. If you have decided on buying luxury apartments in Adyar, now would be the perfect time to proceed. Shortlist your style, budget, timeframe, etc., before purchasing your dream house.