When it comes to buying homes, there are some factors on the check lists you must look for in residential apartments. These basic amenities are a must-have when you are investing in a home. When you come home to a place that is safe for you and your family, you truly appreciate the purchase you have made. After all, a home is not just a building with four walls. It is a lifestyle that shows your identity and stature.

In this case, these amenities only add to your convenience and make your life easier and comfortable. The real estate market has taken into consideration the need to incorporate these essential factors when working on a residential project.

Let’s take a look at some of the must-have elements in residential apartments.

Good location and connectivity

The first important factor that you must look for in an apartment is its location. It is easy to determine a good location if you look for a couple of elements- well reputed schools, healthcare facilities, and theatres. Well-constructed roads and other modes of communication are also essential. Any planned apartments in Adyar will provide you with this facility.

Parking space

Did you know that many residents suffer immensely for the lack of a designated parking space in their residential complex? When you cannot park your vehicle inside your complex area, you not only run the risk of theft and damage to your car but also take up space on the roads. Some apartments in Adyar offer ground floor parking, while others may offer you underground parking. It depends on the size of the residential project. Make sure you look for properties with a parking space within the compound to save yourself from the hassle in future.

Security and surveillance

No homebuyers should compromise when it comes to safety and security. Any good residential complex must have a world class security system in place. You should never buy any property that fails the security test. CCTV cameras should be installed in various places that provide a good view of the people entering and leaving the building. It is not enough to have these cameras in place, they should be functional and need to be monitored. Along with this, security personnel and a smart security lock system should be installed. Fire alarms and fire extinguishers must be installed on each floor along with sand buckets. These are the basics of any safety and security system that you must look for. Talk to the seller regarding this requirement and do not settle for anything lesser.

Greens galore

With rapid urbanisation comes the issue of depleting forests and greenery. So what can we do to make sure that our environment stays healthy? Look for residential projects that incorporate ample greenery within the premises. Whether you are looking for a simple 2BHK apartment in Adyar or want to opt for luxury flats in Chennai, you would want to have the perfect blend of modern infrastructure with greenery.

Water and electricity

Your choice of an apartment must have an uninterrupted water supply. In many cities, water scarcity is an issue. Unless you want to be stuck in a place with an irregular and dirty water supply after investing a huge amount of money, you must ensure that you have access to clean water at any time of the day. Have a chat with the locals to have additional information regarding any water supply issues.

Electricity comes under the jurisdiction of the corporation. But in case of any unforeseen events, there must be power backup. Any home seller must provide this facility.

Accessible floors

Any apartment with more than three floors should have an elevator. Especially if you are living on the higher floors. Elevators must also be included in the emergency power supply in case of sudden power outrage. You would not want to be stuck in an elevator without any network coverage and no electricity. The terrace of the apartment is sometimes locked for ensuring safety and security. But every flat owner should be provided with spare keys. Well, lit and spacious staircases along with emergency exits are also crucial in case any fire breaks out.

Area for kids and elderly people

While looking for apartments in Adyar, include this element as an important factor. While every member of our family enjoys free and open space within our residential areas, kids and elderly people must have designated areas to enjoy their time outside. Kids’ area with slides, swings and merry-go-rounds and open spaces with benches and other seating arrangements for elder people will keep them energised, fit and healthy.

Regular maintenance

Inclusion of facilities is not enough. You need to ensure that routine maintenance is carried out in the residential buildings. Without proper maintenance that involves cleaning, sanitation work and tending to gardens, any well-built places are rendered useless. Talk to your seller about the maintenance costs that are sometimes collected monthly or annually.

Health and entertainment

For people who are willing to go the extra mile, a residential complex with a swimming pool, gym, and community entertainment areas are a must-have. You can indulge in these luxuries after a long and tiring day to feel rejuvenated. Entertainment areas with amazing views will provide you with the opportunity of spending quality time with your friends and family without having to step out of your apartment premises. Any active and healthy lifestyle is also incomplete without some time spent in gyms or in other physical activities. You can do that at your convenience.

As homebuyers, you need to make smart decisions in order to ensure that you have these basic elements at your disposal. Buying a home is an investment and you must invest wisely.