Cancellation Policy

  • The total price shown is inclusive of statutory charges like VAT, Service Tax, etc. The statutory charges are levied by the Government and are subject to variation.
  • The VAT & Service Tax charges are calculated on the Plot value & will be collected with every installment.
  • The Registration charges calculated for the purpose of this unit are indicative. Actual Registration charges will depend on the exact guideline value of the property at the time of registration, saleable area, apartment floor and amenities in the project.
  • Stamp duty, legal fee, external electrification, water & sanitary charges for the purpose of this unit are indicative and may vary at the time of actual payment.
  • The additional expenses towards service charges for property assessment and sub-numbering will be payable on demand at actual.
  • The amount of INR 3 Lakhs to be paid to True Value Homes for the project Titanium City, on booking, is inclusive of the online booking amount of INR 19,999/-.
  • For any clarifications call us at 044 7122 7122 or email us at