Most Luxurious 3 & 4 Bed Homes Ready To Move At LB Road Adyar
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Immerse yourself in a Living Experience that will inspire your Next Big Leap.
Super Luxury 3 & 4 Bedroom Apartments in Chennai
You're pampered with world-class amenities including 3 swimming pools, a gym and spa. While the lavish, air-conditioned residences have Italian marble floors, imported fixtures and decks with floor to ceiling windows. You have easy access to the airports, business hubs, your kid's education and entertainment.
A deep dive into the finer nuances of the building.
Adyar — the New Hotspot for Housing
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Luxury homes for Jet-Setters in Chennai
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CNBC — Awaaz Real Estate Awards 2014
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Silicon India Real Estate Awards 2015
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Integrated Smart Home Systems
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Custom Glass Facade
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A Five Star Lobby Experience
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An Integrated 3 Level Clubhouse
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A Tour of the Interiors
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Collaboration of the best design-minds
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Sweeping views of Chennai
& the Bay of Bengal.
Adyar River Estuary
Theosophical Society 260 Acres
Here's what people of your Caliber have to say.
Open space and Great views
format_quoteI feel very proud about owning something in Quadrant. Great location, great city... great builder. It was all good.format_quote
Family, Friends and Neighbours
format_quoteFor TVH, people are the strength. When i move in, I’ll probably meet new like minded people, there’s a suspense.format_quote
Feel at home in Adyar
format_quoteAdyar, as far as Chennai is concerned, that is the area that I feel most comfortable and most at home.format_quote
Raj Poduval
format_quoteThey certainly didn’t try to force the sale. Which if they probably had done, I would have walked away.format_quote
format_quoteYou should come and look at my apartment, It’s fantastic, pretty much a 360 degree view of the entire city.format_quote
Geetha Toke
format_quoteMy husband and I wanted to retire in India as I live in the US, we’ve been there for 44 years. Adyar is home, I grew up in Adyar... I went to school in Adyar.format_quote
format_quoteI feel Adyar is less congested, living here will be very calm and peaceful.format_quote
Homemaker & Entrepreneur
format_quoteKnowing that TVH is a good builder and that we have bought a house with them earlier, we said why not invest, it's in a central area.format_quote
Mala Janardhan
format_quoteThe person who developed it was so large hearted to leave so much open space for us.format_quote
Raja Narayan
format_quoteIt is now beginning to take shape very nicely, as we originally expected. We can see a lot of hard work going on now to get it out and get it completed.format_quote
Bhavani Narayan
format_quoteYou have to be positive that like minded people will come into the apartment and they want to keep the same standards.format_quote
R.Mahesh Kumar
Chartered Accountant
format_quoteMy experience so far in dealing with them has been extremely good. There is a lot of interaction, you know they follow up very extensively.format_quote
Help us find the Perfect Apartment for you.
3 Bedroom
Starting at ₹ 3.8 Cr.
2787 - 3260 SQFT
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4 Bedroom
Starting at ₹ 6.1 Cr.
3595 - 3615 SQFT
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